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I'm a cruelty free makeup, hair and nail artist, with a Degree in Specialist Makeup. I'm based in Cornwall but trained in London for three years. I specialise in wedding makeup and photographic makeup. 

Ever since I can remember I always wanted a job in the arts, something creative. As a child I was always doing something artistic. Whether it was painting or cooking, I was at my happiest.  After school I went to college to study fine art and photography, this was where I found my love for makeup. I then went off to university in London to complete my Degree in Specialist Makeup and Hair. Whilst in London I believed that that would be my new home, until I came back to Cornwall for a year and realised how beautiful it was here. The fashion industry was where I originally wanted and thought I'd be, until I started seeing images of bridal editorials and started to create some myself (Which by the way, is my favourite kind of editorial to work on). I soon realised the wedding industry was the path I wanted to take. I love making brides feel amazing on their wedding day and I love seeing their eyes light up when they see their whole look come together. I love all kinds of styled weddings but my favourite has to be relaxed boho style with plaits, curls and natural makeup. 

All my products, whether it's makeup, hair sprays or nail polishes, are cruelty free. As well as having a love for art, I've always had a love for animals. I want to be able to show you that makeup doesn't need to be tested on animals. There's plenty of brands out there that are just as amazing and sometimes better. Whether it's drug store brands or high end I can show you which ones to invest in and try out. You wont have to give up anything, I'm still the girl that wears lipstick, paints her nails and glues on her lashes. 

I've worked for many different business, a few of them are,  

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