Ione asks for a 50% non refundable deposit. Until the deposit is paid the clients date will not be reserved and the artist reserves the right to book another wedding in the meantime.  The remaining balance is to be paid 8 weeks before the wedding day. If the booking is canceled, by the client, after the final payment has been paid, no monies will be refunded.
Once the deposit is paid you can add services on but you can not deduct any. If a service is deducted you will still be charged. 
Trials with Ione are only held on weekdays, else they’ll be charged at wedding day rates. This may differ for the other Artists on the team. If the client cancels the trial less than two weeks before the agreed date they will be charged. Any further trials will be offered at the artists discretion.
If Ione is to travel to the client for the trial, they will charge £20 per hour on top of travel costs. The client will still be given a time slot. If parking is not available on you premises, the client will be charged for any cost incurred at the car park. Parking needs to be in close proximity to the premises.
If the client wants another trial because they’ve changed they’re mind the artist will charge again for this. This is also why it is advised to have the trial near the wedding day. It is advised against having it months and months in advance.
Each individual will be given guidance on how to prep their hair and skin prier to their sitting with the artist. Delays may occur if this is not occurred to or the artist has the right to refuse any hair and makeup if the individual isn’t correctly prepped. i.e expecting the artist to blow dry hair when it was agreed it would be dry.
We will agree a time schedule for the wedding day. The artist will agree to arrive promptly. The artist may have other commitments after your wedding and will leave as agreed. 
Any services changed on the wedding day need to be agreed with the artist. 
On the wedding day the Artists allow an hour for the brides makeup or hair and 45 minutes per bridesmaids/mothers per service.

If you have an questions or would like to check availabilities contact me below.

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